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#WHATSMYNAME Rideshare Safety

#WHATSMYNAME Rideshare Safety

On Thursday, May 4th, Communications High School hosted a special parent-student chat at their monthly Parent Student Faculty Association (PSFA) meeting. The school welcomed representatives from the #WHATSMYNAME Foundation to share their cause and educate about rideshare safety, especially for the many high school seniors planning to attend college next year.

#WHATSMYNAME was established in honor of Samantha Josephson, a senior at the University of South Carolina who was tragically murdered by a fake Uber driver in 2019. It is the foundation’s mission to enact change and raise awareness surrounding rideshare safety. The organization was named with the hope to remind people to ask “What’s my name?” before getting into a rideshare vehicle and to remember Samantha’s name.

#WHATSMYNAME offers a plethora of safety tips regarding ride share services. The acronym “SAMI” stands for Stop, Ask, Match, and Inform. To see how to use “SAMI” in your daily life, watch the video below. https://vimeo.com/539289563?embedded=true&source=vimeo_logo&owner=31704894

#WHATSMYNAME safety tips

During the foundation’s presentation at Communications High School, they shared other safety tips such as to always ensure that the Child Safety Lock is turned off and to change your Safety settings in the Uber app. For example, you can turn on Pin Verification. Go to Account –> Settings –> Verify ride with PIN. By turning on Pin Verification, both you and your driver receive a PIN. You can then verify that your PIN matches up to your driver’s PIN, providing additional verification to ensure you are getting into the right vehicle.

As a high school senior attending college next year, I was moved by #WHATSMYNAME’s mission and wanted to share their safety tips to other students and Uber app users. Please share this information with others to help publicize the importance of taking safety precautions prior to entering a rideshare vehicle. To learn more or donate to #WHATSMYNAME, visit https://www.whatsmyname.org/.


Written by: 

Keegan Foy

Communications High School ‘23

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