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U.S. Homebuilder Sentiment

The U.S. homebuilder sentiment for single family homes has risen by from 69 in 2016 to 74 as of December 2017. This is the highest that it has been since 1999, almost twenty years ago, which is good for homebuilding momentum going into the near year.
Traffic among buyers has increased recently, because of a slight decrease in supply of homes listed for sale, so this is good news for both buyers and builders. More homes being built would provide more jobs for homebuilders, as well as more properties for realtors to list.
The Chief Economist for the NAHB, Robert Dietz, reports, “With low unemployment rates, favorable demographics and a tight supply of existing home inventory, we can expect continued upward movement of the single-family construction sector next year.” So going into 2018 there should be a favorable amount of homes being built for single-family homes.
The increase of confidence towards homebuilding has increased mostly in the South, Northeast, and Midwest, and only slightly on the West coast due to increase in house prices.

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