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Top Three Reasons to Look for Homes for Sale and Move to Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is a coastal region in the state of New Jersey that any home buyer would want to check out. There are a lot of beautiful things about this place, making it perfect for buyers who want a beach lifestyle and to feel like they’re always on vacation. If you are wanting a slice of the quiet life, but don’t want to miss out on anything, you may want to search for a place in this area.
Strategic Location
New Jersey is located in one of the most destination-centric areas in the country—near the Big Apple and the City of Brotherly Love. If you need a little taste of life in these major metropolises, you can easily travel there. Also, New Jersey is near several airports and the entire balance of the East Coast. With such a location, travel is hardly a second thought.
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The Beach Life
Finding homes for sale in Avon by the Sea, NJ brings you closer to the Shore’s greatest attraction: the beach. This region is laden with stunning beaches, such as the Sandy Hook, Wildwood, Casino Pier, and Jenkinson’s. In fact, there are 130 miles of blue ocean and warm sand to enjoy any time, whether by yourself or with your friends and family.
The Jersey Shore sounds like a getaway haven, but that doesn’t mean there is a dearth of entertainment. The Convention Hall and the Stone Pony, known as the region’s most iconic concert venue, is there to satisfy your music cravings. The same goes with the Count Basie Theater and the House of Independents. If you’re into Hollywood, you may also get used to seeing Jersey Shore’s favorite celebrity, Bruce Springsteen, hanging out.
Rich History
Jersey Shore isn’t just about the beach and entertainment. It also possesses a great deal of history. It’s where the Battle of Monmouth occurred, where George Washington led an attack against the British Army. There’s also the Seven Presidents Park, named after Grant, Garfield, Hayes, Arthur, McKinley, Wilson, and Harrison. If history is your cup of tea, you can learn a lot from this place.
With all these attractions, Jersey Shore is definitely a place to consider setting down your roots. There’s a range of homes for sale in Bradley Beach, NJ and other nearby areas. Just find a reliable real estate agent to help you out.
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