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The perfect coastal décor. There is a new design and lifestyle trend taking TikTok by storm. It’s all about the coastal living aesthetic. Some of the style icons of this look are Jane Adler from It’s Complicated, and Erica Barry from Something’s Gotta Give. What is often referred to on TikTok as the ‘coastal grandma’ aesthetic is far from out of fashion. You don’t need to live by the beach or have grandchildren to achieve it, either. Neutral tones, natural woods and chic beach décor are hallmarks of the style. People from all different parts of the world are hopping on the beachy wave.

Here, we have compiled a few tips to help you achieve the perfect comfortable, coastal vibe in your home, as well as some links to our favorite beachy pieces.




While you might think of blue when you imagine the coast, the authentic palette for the coastal living aesthetic is actually a lot more neutral with touches of warmth.

Old whites, ecrus, creams and light beiges are the best base colors for any room. Pops of color are added afterwards by fresh blooms (hydrangeas being a favorite) or vintage-style knick-knacks. Painting your home the perfect selection of neutrals is the first step in achieving a beachy aesthetic. Here are some of our favorite swatches:

Benjamin Moore – Edgecomb Gray 

Sherwin Williams – Natural Choice 

Dimity – Farrow & Ball




The perfect coastal vibe is all about creating a welcoming space for friends and family to be able to drop in and feel comfortable and content.

There’s nothing more satisfying than easing into a sofa filled with resplendent cushions and throws, and these are a great, quick and easy way to add some ‘coastal grandmother’ energy to your living room. You don’t want the area to feel too uptight, so embrace different cushion sizes, styles and colors to perfect that casual and warm vibe.


Check out some of our favorites:

Handwoven Textured Pillow by Hawkins New York 

Chrysanthemum Pillow Cover by Serena & Lily 

Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow Beaded Radial Pattern Square Throw Pillow at Target




Kitchens are the heart of the home for any coastal dweller, but to achieve this vibe you must forget your minimalist tendencies. This decorative kitchen style is all about the room feeling lived in and welcoming.

Think utensil jars out of the side, hung pots and pans, cookbooks out and bowls of fresh produce on the counter space. Don’t shy away from colorful china or kitchen sets, as they add a charming pop of color to the minimal color palette.

If you have a kitchen island, use it! It is perfect for relaxed meals with friends as you chat over a bottle of white wine. You can add some natural wood bar stools to complete the look.


Here are a few of our favorite kitchenware staples:


Dual-Tone Utensil Holder by Martha Stewart 

Perry Street 12-Piece Dinnerware Set by Martha Stewart

Claro Blush Goblets by Godinger



A loose linen shirt is key to the casually fabulous look of the ‘coastal grandma’ aesthetic. But, not only is the breathable material good for clothes–it also makes great bedding.

The fabric can bring a relaxing and homey energy to any bedroom, and is loved by coastal dwellers in real life as it is breathable and cool for those hot summer nights by the sea. The simple, light-weight material was practically made for the beachy aesthetic it is so often associated with now.


Parachute Linen Sheet Set 

Brooklinen Linencore Sheet Set 

Cultiver Linen Sheet Set 



A popular ‘coastal grandmother’ activity is going outside on a sunny day, and picking fresh flowers for your home. If you don’t have your own garden to gather them from, store-bought work just as good to achieve a spring, coastal feel in the home.

Hydrangeas are the flower everyone has been loving lately, and have been a favorite of coastal-style pioneers for decades – pinks, purples, blues and whites are all great color choices. You can style them alone or with complementary white roses and lush foliage. Be sure to pair them with your favorite chinoiserie vase to complete the look.


Traverso Blue/White Porcelain Table Vase




Coziness is a trait that is absolutely necessary in order to achieve a coastal vibe in your home. Anywhere you have the space, pop a lamp or a set of candles. Side tables, windowsills, and above fireplaces are all good options.

Cozy lighting is so important because it means that as the natural light starts to dim, you are left with the perfect atmosphere to read or chat with friends with a glass of wine (pastimes loved by many ‘coastal grandmas’).

If you’re running out of outlet space on your wall, then you can utilize wireless spotlights that can be popped under the lampshade and charged with a USB. That way, you don’t need to have extension cords running up and down your floor.


Cayman Shell Table Lamp 

Classic Chinoiserie Table Lamp 

Marlowe Distressed Blue Resin Table Lamp 





Natural materials–such as wicker, rattan and real wood–are key in bringing a coastal home together. An easy way to do this is to use wicker or rattan baskets for storage, and look out for second-hand solid wood pieces on reselling sites like Etsy. Sometimes, you will find the most charming natural pieces at your local flea market—for the best prices, as well!

Real wood side tables or bureaus make the perfect place to have extra lamps and knick-knacks. Finally, Don’t stray away from tschotskes, as they add personality to the home.


Rustic Mango Wood Slice Accent Table Brown – Olivia & May

Cece Woven Nesting Baskets  




Hopefully, after reading this, you feel like you are ready to add the perfect coastal décor to your home. Be sure to check out our blog for more decorating tips & tricks, and also our website, where you can start looking for your coastal dream house today.




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