DIY: Paint Your Grout!

DIY: Paint Your Grout! Hi everyone! Check out our new TIKTOK DIY on how to bring some life back into your backsplash by painting your grout! DIY Paint Your Grout Need to put some life back into your kitchen? Today we’re going to show you how we went from this… to this beautiful masterpiece! What […]


THE PERFECT COASTAL DÉCOR The perfect coastal décor. There is a new design and lifestyle trend taking TikTok by storm. It’s all about the coastal living aesthetic. Some of the style icons of this look are Jane Adler from It’s Complicated, and Erica Barry from Something’s Gotta Give. What is often referred to on TikTok […]

Porch Season

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Porch Season Porch season is right around the corner! Is your porch ready for entertainment or for you to just relax on? A porch is a big deal, it is the first impression people have on your home. You want to make your porch welcoming for the summer and spring months. We have some tips […]

How To Decorate a Guest Bedroom

How To Decorate a Guest Bedroom Knowing how to decorate a guest bedroom is just as important as decorating any other room in your house. A guest bedroom is a place to make the most important people in your life comfortable. Although it is only used on occasion, the guest bedroom plays a big part […]

Popular Trends of 2022

Popular Trends Of 2022 The New Year is only weeks away and the 2022 interior design trends are in full affect. The new year popular trends of 2022 are incorporating earthy tones, cozy vibes, and homes that are meant to be lived in. If you are planning to give your home an uplift for this […]

DIY Fall Décor

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DIY Fall Décor Fall is a month of comfort and pumpkin spiced everything. You can buy pumpkin spiced things anywhere but you can’t  always buy comfort. Down below we are going to list DIY Fall Décor trends of 2021. We want to inspire and help assist you in styling your own home for the fall […]

Interior Designs of 2021

Interior Designs of 2021: What is in and what is out! Making a house a home is a tricky but important task. You want to create a space that is comfortable and stylish, but to do that you must keep up with the Interior Design Trends of 2021. Down below we will explain why trends […]

2021 Color Trends

2021 Color Trends You Need To Know We all know colors and décor is what makes a house a home. Keep your house updated and follow the 2021 color trends, make your home comfortable and keep it in style! Listed down below is a released list of paint manufactures 2021 most popular and requested colors! […]