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Summer Trends 2022

Summer Trends 2022

The official first day of summer is June 20th, which means you still have time to incorporate summer trends into your decor. This year has marked one the coldest springs to date. People are ready for warm weather and sunny days! You can see that through their designs choices, summer trends of 2022 are all about bringing paradise inside. For more details on this interior design trend please read below.

Bringing the outdoors inside

One of the best things about summer is the lush greens and bright blooming flowers. Bring the outdoor summer aesthetic indoors by incorporating house plants in your home decor! Put your plants where the sunlight comes through in your house! open your blinds or curtains and let the natural light flow in! If you don’t have time for the upkeep and maintenance of plants, they have some great fake ones on the market. 

summer interior design trends

Be Creative: Paint!

The best thing about paint is it is in every season. If you are over the colors in your home that reflect a cold winter bring in some warmth with primary colors. Colors like red, yellow, and royal blue are popular in Vogue right now. These colors represent a chic and modern style vibe. If you don’t feel like paint then buy some vibrant art works to hang on your walls. If you are on a budget you can create you own art, embrace your inner artists and head down to your local craft store. 

get artsy

Metallic shine 

Interior designers are saying warm metallics such as bronze, copper, brass, gold and rose gold are in. Try to decorate your home with metallic accents and be creative about it! For example candleholders, picture frames, lampshades, decorative bowls, plant pots. Enjoy the glitz and glam of the metallic vibe.  

Transfer your stainless steal appliances and replace it with a warmer bronze color. Make sure to buy new dishes, silverware, sink hardware, cabinet handles or wine rack to match the theme. This helps create the modern look of summer interior design trends of 2020. If you are on a budget buy the metallic paint yourself and paint your old candleholders! Make it a fun artsy DIY project. 

Metallics Shine

Blues Never go out of style 

One of the most popular colors this year is to no surprise in the blue family. Classic blue and navy blue taking off, they are on every interior designer’s radar. 

Look around updated homes, you will realize more people are choosing navy blue cabinetry with gold hardware oppose to all white kitchens. If you are into a cool and new aesthetic, create a room with a blue hue wall or appliances. Add in nautical elements to make the theme feel like it truly is summer. 

Popular blue hues go well with wooden furniture and floors. Add in a navy blue rug, throw pillow or a nice blanket on your furniture. Add in some tropical seashells decorations, potpourri, wall art, and fabric prints! 

Classic Blue

Boho Chic

One style that always leaves and comes back in is the Boho Chic trend. We are seeing woven textiles and dreamcatchers come back in 2022. The bohemian vibe of light-wash wooden furniture, fiber art pieces, and woven baskets is becoming a repetitive theme. 

boho chic

Bold patterns 

Bold patterns can change the ambiance of a room. A trend of 2022 is bold colors that emphasize contrast. Example being a two-tone geometric rug, or a zoomed in print of a flower. Big prints tank smaller printers, go for cushions with large images opposed to the small print granny chic style. Being a bit kooky is okay especially in the summer season. 

If you still enjoy the minimalist interior design, you can still incorporate bold patterns while reserving an elegant simplicity. 

Vintage Classy

Vintage will never go out of style. Well-worn looks don’t get old. Cozy shabby chic interiors are making a comeback in 2022. To follow this summer trends make your new furniture look like antiques. This is a fun DIY project! Add distressed paint finishes in whites and pastels! Add in some house plants and earthy colored tones on your couches and rugs. Mix this trend with metallic summer interior designs! Combined well-worn with shiny! 


This summer is all about shabby chic, metallic, boho-chic styles and bold colors! Don’t be afraid to try these combination in your house to complete your summer design! 

Shabby trend

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