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The Soft Spring Aesthetic Is the Perfect Decorative Breath of Fresh Air

The Soft Spring Aesthetic Is the Perfect Decorative Breath of Fresh Air

This spring, trendsetters are adding a little blush and baby’s breath to their mood boards with the soft spring aesthetic. Lately, soft spring has been taking over Pinterest and Tiktok, and it’s not just a look, it’s a whole lifestyle. On TikTok, you’ll find tulip-filled videos that feel like a spring Chanel ad (complete with picnics, visits to the flower market, and countryside bike rides). Soft spring aesthetic is the perfect decorative breath of fresh air.

Soft spring is all about unhurried aesthetics and a sense of romance. It’s a leisurely lakeside stroll in a floral dress. It’s a sunlit reading nook. It’s a cup of tea served from a pretty teapot as the sunlight falls through sheer lace curtains and hits a lush bouquet of peonies.

The trend taps into some of the home decor looks we’ve seen before, like cottagecore with its florals, ruffles, and wood accents; forestcore with its textures and natural materials; and clustercore with its vignette-based displays.

In a way, it makes sense that spring florals and nature-inspired elements bring us joy. As humans, we tend to thrive more when we are connected to nature. This is the thinking behind biophilic design, a concept that hinges upon the very human tendency to interact with nature and other forms of life. When applied to decorating, it means bringing outdoor elements in, but it also means referencing nature in both overt and subtle ways to improve your physical and mental well-being.

flower wallpaper wood dining table

How to Bring Soft Spring Into Your Home

You don’t need to give your home a complete makeover to embrace soft spring. Small additions of anything related to light, nature, and pretty decor pieces can go a long way toward capturing that easy-breezy feeling. Be sure to include some blankets to get you through the ever-changing weather.

Blush Tones

Light pink hues can be stylish and sophisticated when treated as neutrals. For soft spring, avoid Barbie-pink colors and opt for pale shades with undertones of beige. Pair these soft pinks with cream, grey, and warm whites.

corner of bedroom with vintage dresser and pink walls


Diffuse Light

If you have heavy window coverings, consider swapping them out for lightweight sheer ones that will allow sunshine to leisurely spill into your space. Not only will the change make any room feel instantly brighter and more beautiful, but it may also brighten your mood.

Add Florals

Flowers are a core element of soft spring. Raid your garden for fresh daffodils, tulips, or lilacs. Grab a bouquet of your favorite blooms from the farmers’ market or favorite grocer. Scatter vases around your home to bring color and fragrance to every corner. There’s no need to purchase fancy vessels—instead, opt for vintage bottles, mason jars, or anything that will hold water. If you can’t display fresh flowers due to allergies or pets, try using floral or forest-inspired wallpaper. You could also warm up your space for the season by simply adding some floral-print linens or pillows.

gray couch against pink walls with flowers on coffee table

Create Thoughtful Displays

A key element of the soft spring trend is surrounding yourself with little knick-knacks that bring you joy. Gather antiques you treasure or trinkets have collected on trips to display on a coffee table, bookshelf, or end table. Make a pedestal for your things on a stack of books or find a pretty tray to keep everything contained.


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Published on April 14, 2023

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