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Santacon 2017

This holiday season, Seaside Heights will be hosting a Santacon by the shore. There are several locations across the country who are having their own Santacons, including areas in New Jersey such as Hoboken. Both will be held on Saturday, December 16th, and last throughout the day.
People are welcome to come show up, fully dressed is a must, and donate money if they choose to, however, it is free to participate. Santacon is a gathering of all types of people dressing up in any holiday outfit, and celebrating the holiday season. You do not necessarily have to be dressed as Santa, but you must wear a full costume and not just a hat. Be sure to wear multiple layers due to the winter weather.
Though many of the events and gatherings will take place in the bars throughout the areas, people of all ages are welcome to come and participate in Santacon, however, most people will most likely be drinking a lot of alcohol.

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