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Robert Downey Jr.’s strategic front door color improves ‘visual interest’ and boosts house value, experts say

Robert Downey Jr.’s strategic front door color improves ‘visual interest’ and boosts house value, experts say

Green is a magic color for boosting both value and curb appeal – according to real estate professionals

Beautiful tall Green front door welcomes you home!
Beautiful tall Green front door welcomes you home!

Green: it’s the hue that unites neutral fanatics and color fans alike. Its versatility, from the kitchen to the bathroom, combined with its reminiscence of nature, makes it an ideal home color.

Oscar-winner Robert Downey Jr. is a proponent of the trend in a bold way. The Oppenheimer star has implemented a dark green into his front door, adding a pop to what is often a neutral exterior in a move that experts say is not only trend-forward but strategic.

First and foremost, the color of money is actually a good omen for a property interest.

‘A green front door color can give your home an inviting look that will attract potential buyers,’ says Matt Teifke, founder and CEO of Teifke Real Estate. ‘It also adds visual interest to the exterior of your house, making it stand out from other homes in the neighborhood.’

Not only does green generate appeal, but it can actually raise the price of a home due to its appeal.

‘A green front door can help increase the resale value of your home,’ says Matt. ‘The color will create an attractive and inviting look, which can help attract potential buyers and make them more willing to pay a higher price for your home.’

On a practical scale, green, along with sister shade yellow, is a highly manageable color to care for, requiring minimal upkeep.

‘Both yellow and green are relatively easy to maintain, with only occasional washing needed to keep them looking their best,’ Matt explains. ‘Plus, these colors are generally resilient against fading caused by sun exposure or weathering. This makes it an ideal choice for a long-lasting and attractive exterior paint job.’

Live in a warm climate? Similar to a house plant’s ability to photosynthesize and provide cooling properties to a home, the color green itself has natural cooling superpowers and is energy-efficient.

‘Green is also a color that reflects light well, which helps keep the interior of your home cooler in the summer months,’ Matt explains. However, with its perennial curb appeal benefits, we can rest easy knowing that this hue will impress around the calendar – and with Robert Downey Jr.’s (unintentional) endorsement, how can we disagree?


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