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7 Ways to Spice Up Your Pool Deck 

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Pool Deck 

Whether you’re looking to redo your entire pool deck, or just trying to find a simple way to put some life back into your outdoor space, here are 8 easy ways that you can put some personality into your pool space this summer. 

  3. Add a Fire Pit

When you’re lounging out by the pool on a hot summer day, it’s easy to forget that the nights get cold. This is why a fire pit is the perfect addition to any outdoor pool deck. After a long day of swimming and barbecues, you can relax by the fire with your favorite drink and chit-chat with your friends. You can go for either a rustic look, and use some natural stone to make your perfect fire pit, or you can go with a more minimalistic look. Using a metal fire pit, you can play up the sculptural elements of your pool deck, and the logs will contrast the natural wood accents perfectly.

source: bespokeonly.com

   2. Keep things Serene 

Utilize a soft and airy color palette to allow more room for your statement pieces to shine. Using muted colors, like baby blues and beiges, also adds a more calm feel to your space. Incorporate some organic touches, like a rattan hanging chair or white washed stone to round out your tranquil oasis.

Source: puresaltinteriors.com


   3. Layer up Textures 


Using a lot of different textures is a good way to add a lot of personality to your space, while still getting to stay minimalistic in terms of decor. A great way to incorporate texture into your space is with fun throw pillows, different kinds of plants and a mix of organic materials for your tables and chairs. You can also mix and match with your foundations–like installing a wooden panel deck, but making your borders concrete, or adding tiles somewhere in your space. 

Source: houseandhome.com 

  4. Make it Monochrome 

A quick and easy way to modernize your outdoor pool space is to go for a monochromatic color palette. By sticking with one consistent color, your decorative choices will look a lot more cohesive and make your space feel more stylish and luxurious. Plus, by being consistent with color, you can be more experimental with textures, and brighten the space more effectively with foliage. 

source: architecturaldigest.com

  5. Think Pink

When people think of decorating their pool-space, they often think of cool colors. Aquas, blue shades and neutral tones can give a more beachy vibe to a pool deck. However–pink is a criminally underrated color when it comes to decorating outdoor spaces. The perfect shade of salmon can add some liveliness to your pool deck. Also makes your outdoor area ten times more Instagram worthy. 

source: insider.com

  6. Go Nautical 

Picking a theme for your pool deck is a perfect way to add some personality to the space. A great direction to go in is nautical. The color palette compliments the water so well, and some life-savers or boating accessories can be an inexpensive and adorable way to give your pool deck some character. 


source: katherinecarter.com

   7. Plant Power  

When it comes to planning what kind of foliage you’re going to have out by your pool, don’t hold back. The more green, the merrier. A generous amount of greenery–whether it be real or fake–is a perfect way to add some color and depth to your space. It also is a great opportunity to add some shade, and fill in the parts of your outdoor space that need a bit more vibrance. Plants can change the entire vibe of a space, and are a great way to turn your pool deck into your own personal oasis.


Source: architecturaldigest.com

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