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Manasquan Fireman’s Fair

The Manasquan Fireman’s Fair has officially begun! Starting on July 31st and ending on August 4th, it is five days of fun for all ages. Located at Mallard Park on Potter Ave, the park is jam packed with amusement rides, carnival games, food stands, and a beer tent (21+). Nightly events include Blue Claws Mascot Buster, unlimited rides for $25, 50/50 tickets, and a parade on the first night. The fair started in 1974, but due to a falling attendance, it was cancelled in 1988. Interest grew in the early 90’s causing the extravagant fundraiser to be brought back to life in 1998 with an average attendance of over 30,000. Despite fun and enjoyment being a motive for it being held, the main reason is to support Manasquan Volunteer Engine Company #2 located at 111 Parker Ave in Manasquan. Volunteers include both fire departments, the Police Department, Ladies Auxiliary, and the local community. Many local restaurants and business also donate their time and supplies to ensure this event is the best it possibly could be.

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