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Landscaping Trends 2022

Landscaping Trends 2022

Landscaping trends of 2022 are being inspired by the current world we live in. Creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable backyard is a huge a trend. Currently, saving and preserving our environment is important and more people have the evolving desire to interact with nature. In the past couple years people have had more time to pick up hobbies, and gardening was one of them! Like any trend, landscaping designs come and go. Please read below for tips on 2022 landscaping trends.

From Yard to Kitchen

Health is becoming a main concern for society. Making sure you know what you are putting in your body is nutritious and safe is meaningful to a lot of people. There are so many benefits to growing your own produce; fresh, clean, organic, and affordable. It’s always a great feeling knowing that even your compost is local and not treated by chemical fertilizers. Gardening is a great way to involve the entire family. Teaching your children valuable skills at young age as well as informing them on sustainability is a great life lesson.

Wildlife Involvement

Wildlife is very beneficial to gardening it helps decrease the harmful insect and rodent population. To attract more wildlife considered putting in water features like a bird bath that allow them to drink safely. Or setting up bird feeders but make sure you are giving them the proper food. Add native plants to nourish wildlife and entice pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds!


One of the biggest flower trends on Instagram last year were Dahlias. Theses flowers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. People love them because they are easy to care for and are robust growers. They also bloom for a long time!

Tropical Vibe

While native plants are always vital to your catered environment adding tropical plants are vital in the sense of décor! Plants such as hibiscus, ferns, yuccas, elephant leaves and even bamboo are perfect for the tropical feel! Make it our unique yard and add those bold tropical colors!

Outside Set Up

If you have a patio or deck or space for one, make it an extra summer room! Add some furniture, a table, a couch, chairs, even add an outdoor T.V. Make it extra special with some stream lights and décor ate your small tables with plants! To tie the whole thing together get a firepit and enjoy sharing stories while sipping on some summer beverages.

Information and photos from Bobvila

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