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Your Front Door Is More Important Than You Think

Your Front Door Is More Important Than You Think

First impression are everything. They are important for job interviews, business deals, and even making new friends. People create a story about you before you even speak based on how  appearance. The same goes for the homes in your neighborhood. Believe it not your home is a reflection of you. One of the most important features on your homes exterior is the front door. The combination of the color, shape, and size gives people a lot of information about what kind of person you are. For example “You may have a very traditional white Colonial house with black shutters. It’s safe to paint the front door black or navy blue. That says I’m just playing it safe. This is a classic house. I respect tradition.” If you paint it pink or bright orange, that says other things, like: “I’m going to have a little fun,” or, “I think there’s more than one way to be classic.” Those are just different interpretations”-Marissa Hermanson.

Photo Credits: Front Door (The Washington Post illustration; iStock)

How Do I Choose a Front Door Color?

The question is how do I choose a color that most reflects myself and my home? You the color of your front door to look like you you thought about it and choose it on purpose. A home is a big investment and you don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Choosing the right color to your front door is a very important décor step. Choosing a complementary color for your door never fails.  Marissa Hermanson, a front door expert explains “(Complementary colors are across from each other on the color wheel.) So if you have a brick house, you can’t go wrong with a blue or green door. (Blue is across from orange, green is across from red.) If you have a yellow house, a violet front door would look nice”.

What Style Front Door?

Choosing a style can also be hard. There are a lot of doors out there! Here’s a tip from Marissa Hermanson, “Any multi-paneled door, like a six-panel door, that’s a very classic door. Those traditional styles are best for traditional houses. And when you get into modern houses, you need a slab door with no detail at all. It could have a window, but only something very simple and plain.”


Information from The Washington Post.

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