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ONEIRO is an exclusive line of climate-specific, travel-ready essentials formulated with clean, natural ingredients to nourish your body and soul. We are committed to protecting our earth using eco-friendly materials and methods. Fulfill your dreams by looking and feeling your best, wherever your travels take you.

The Founder

ONEIRO originates from ancient Greek mythology and translates into the word “dream,”

With a commitment to the earth and a passion for travel, hospitality veteran and entrepreneur Anthe Angelides is no stranger to blazing new trails. Growing up in the hospitality industry and having the honor of being an Airbnb SuperHost since its inception in 2009, Angelides knows what it takes to elevate every vacation experience.

Angelides grew up on the enchanting and beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece, lined with luxury beachfront resort properties. From her family-owned and operated hotels and exquisite villas to the local village hotspots, she was immersed early on in the world of tourism and exceptional hospitality standards. Inspired by her homeland, and the natural herbs, botanicals, and ingredients from the Mediterranean, Angelides knew she could revolutionize the travel experience with clean, climate-specific products. And she did by creating a sustainable, luxury, personal care collection, free from chemicals and potentially harmful toxins.

Living in Canada, the US, and Greece, Anthe and her husband Jimmy raised their 3 sons to be global citizens and impressed on them the importance of family, friends, preserving culture, and a sustainable future. Now their 3 incredibly different sons live all over the world, while Anthe, their dog Zoey, and Jimmy (originally from Brooklyn… you know that country..lol!) live in NJ. Here, locally, Anthe runs her woman-owned and operated business and works meticulously with chemists and sustainable manufactures to turn ordinary products into luxury amenities for every traveler.

“My dream is that our Oneiro products always travel with you to create beautiful moments and evoke everlasting memories at every adventure. I am so eager to hear about your travels with Oneiro, so please share them with me.

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