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Fall Porch Decor

Minimalist Fall Porch Decor 

Fall Season is here and the best way to get into the spirit is decorating you home. Curb appeal is very important especially for a new season or holiday. There are a variety of ways to decorate for the fall season, but this year our favorite trend is the Minimalist Fall Porch Decor. For more details on this style please read below. 

Decor Options 

Decorating for fall requires a lot of planning especially because you want decor that has texture and warmth, but you do not want it to scream fall. You can keep your decor minimalist while incorporating some traditional fall ideas and colors. You can stay simple with the choices from hay bales to corn stalks, pumpkins, fall foliage, and colorful mums. 


The fall flower that comes to almost everyone’s mind is mums. The best minimalist mums are the white and rustic colored, layering your steps with these plants really makes the fall feeling come to life. Another great decor item that is essential to the season is pumpkins. You can really make some great DYI simple styled pumpkins. Some of our favorites are pastels pumpkins or even plain white pumpkins. These neutral-colored pumpkins look great paired with Pampas grass. 

Porch Furniture 

Although fall brings in a slight cool breeze, take advantage of the last couple weeks of porch weather. Especially before the frigid winter takes over. To keep warm from the fall breeze, decorate your porch furniture with warm colored throw blankets and pillows. Make your porch as cozy as possible as the crisp weather comes. 

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