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DIY Fall Décor

DIY Fall Décor

Fall is a month of comfort and pumpkin spiced everything. You can buy pumpkin spiced things anywhere but you can’t  always buy comfort. Down below we are going to list DIY Fall Décor trends of 2021. We want to inspire and help assist you in styling your own home for the fall season!

Acorn Vase DIY

It’s a perfect and quick DIY project. All you need is a vase, gold décor acorns, some fall colored flowers and a ribbon!

Acorn vase.

Wheat Center Pieces DIY

If you think simple is best, these wheat center pieces are perfect for you. It’s a center piece that isn’t bright but still gains attention. All you need to do is tie some string around the the bundles and put a glass cloche over them! If you are feeling crazy you can even put them on an elevated centerpiece!

Wheat Center Pieces

Candle DIY

We think it’s safe to say candles are a great décor piece for every season. A fun project that you can do is create dip candles! All you need is Trade Plain Taper Candles, a mixture of your choice of crayon shavings and melted candle wax!

Dip Dye Candles

Vintage Tins For Flowers DIY

If you have any antique spice or old baking tins laying around in your house put them to use! Throw some flowers in there and create the perfect fall vibe in you home! This tiny DIY décor piece goes a long, it creates comfort in your home!

Flowers in old Vintage Tin Can

Pear Placement Cards

Planning on having a small or large get together at your house? We have the perfect placement card idea for you that just screams fall. Use your pears as placement cards! Write everyone’s names on wooden leaves or even paper leaves and attach them to pears. It’s cute and unique!

Pear placement cards with wooden leaves attached to it.

Plaid Out

When you think of fall, what pattern do you think of? Plaid right? If you want your house to show fall comfort you have to throw plaid in there. Whether it is plaid blanket, pillow, or table cloth use it! It is a fall trend that will never go away.

Plaid Blanket

Grapevine Wreaths

Dress up you Grapevine Wreaths with apples or seasonal flowers! They are great décor pieces for your doors, it’s the perfect welcoming decoration!

Grapevine wreath decorated with apples and flowers


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