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DIY: Paint Your Grout!

DIY: Paint Your Grout!

Hi everyone! Check out our new TIKTOK DIY on how to bring some life back into your backsplash by painting your grout!

DIY Paint Your Grout

Need to put some life back into your kitchen? Today we’re going to show you how we went from this… to this beautiful masterpiece!

What You’ll Need

This is really easy and you can do it yourself, all you’re gonna need is a sponge, Ceramic Tile Caulk, Grout Renew color, a blade (but you don’t really need that only if you mess up), a foam brush, and grout deep clean spray!


First things first, we’re gonna spray the deep grout cleaner on the wall. Once it’s all there, we found that a tooth brush works best to get all that dirt and grime out. You don’t wanna redo a dirty wall so make sure you clean out those nooks and crannies.

After you’ve got that taken care of, make sure you dry off the wall real good so you can start painting grout

You want the grout to be its true color in there so shake shake shake the bottle and pour a little bit into a container. This is what you’ll be using to do your painting grout so don’t worry about pouring too much in you can always refill it. A little dab will do.

Now we’re gonna just dip our foam brush in there and paint on the grout renew where we want it to go. This part is really satisfying.

Next, make sure you run the sponge under water and really squeeze it out, cause you don’t want your sponge to be too wet. Then we washed the remaining grout off. We didn’t squeeze our sponge out enough so we accidentally used too much water. Extra water won’t hurt, but it’s just more clean up we have to do later so oops.

Now that you’re all done, all you’ve got to do is dry off the wall! Magic! It came out amazing.

Before & After

Bathroom Process

Once the kitchen was finished we had to check on the bathroom, which also needed some updates. So we grabbed a ladder and started our DIY Grout Renewal project all over again. It’s a tight space so we needed to do a bit of gymnastics to get the camera angles right.

After a quick spray, deep scrub with our toothbrush, and a dry we did a little switcheroo.

While Brenda takes a well deserved break, we applied the grout renewal to the bathroom tile and used the right amount of water this time for the sponge.

Finally, we are just gonna clean up leftover grout just like we did in the kitchen. It looks so good! If you can’t tell, we’re really excited about the finished product.

While Emma struggles to climb out of the shower, let me show you the final result!




This is what it looked like at the end! It was actually a really fun process and painting grout is a super easy way to give your kitchen a quick update. The white grout on the backsplash looked too loud with the yellow cabinets, so adding the DeLorean grey grout softened it up. It’s also inexpensive so, yeah, that’s a plus. Anyway, that’s the end of this video, follow us for more life-hacks and real estate content, see ya!


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