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Buyers’ Most Sought-After Exterior Home Feature Might Surprise You

Buyers’ Most Sought-After Exterior Home Feature Might Surprise You

Forget outdoor living space—ample windows are what homebuyers really want.

When it comes to buying a home, the exterior is a major selling point. It provides that all-important first impression, and certain features can make the difference between love at first sight and onto the next. And according to a recent study by Homes.com, the one curb appeal component buyers covet the most is large, plentiful windows.

The company surveyed over 5,000 U.S. adults about the importance of certain exterior home features in their home-buying decisions. Beating out always-popular porches and patios, windows snagged the top slots, with just over 19% of respondents naming the size of windows as the most important exterior item. As a close second, about 18% said the number of windows was a crucial factor. The presence of a porch or patio came next at 17%, followed by elements like roof shape and siding style.

It’s easy to guess why windows play such a significant role in buyers’ opinions of a home. On the exterior, they help break up large areas of siding and create an attractive focal point. More windows also bring in natural light, which helps a space appear larger, a visual trick that’s especially useful in homes where square footage is tight. Windows also deliver pretty views of the neighborhood and surrounding nature, which adds more life to a room than a solid wall.

Given these survey results, playing up your windows could work to your advantage if you’re trying to sell your home. Besides embarking on a renovation to add more or enlarge windows, you can use a few tricks to accentuate this critical feature. For example, consider painting your exterior trim white to highlight windows, or try painting your shutters a bright color to help draw attention. Emphasizing this element adds impressive curb appeal and could even help attract more buyers.


Article exerted from Better Homes and Garden. Written by Jessica Bennett.



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