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Bitcoin Payment in Real Estate

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has made some people wondering for a while whether or not they should invest, or if it’s even a legitimate form of currency. Bitcoin has been slowly making its way into the real estate market over the past few months, with more and more properties allowing Bitcoin as a form of payment.
The usage of Bitcoin in real estate has been spreading, from locally to around the globe. In Middletown, NJ, a house is being sold for $2.3 million dollars, and they are willing to accept payment in Bitcoin.
In Dubai, a luxury development worth around $325 million dollars is accepting payment through Bitcoin when the development is finished being built.
Cities in the United States, such as Miami, which recently sold a house for $6 million dollars in Bitcoin, are also accepting of buying and selling real estate using cryptocurrency.
There may be some concern over cryptocurrency, but currently Bitcoin is a viable form of compensation for real estate.

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