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Staying on top of the latest real estate trends is incredibly important for any agent hoping to succeed in today’s market. Knowing the home features that are most important to your client is key in helping ensure that the client is completely satisfied with their home purchase — and eager to work with you again in the future. When it comes to kitchen renovation, there are a lot of options that buyers and real estate agents need to be aware of in order to successfully navigate a transaction.

In a recent Forbes article, the results from a “2023 kitchen trends” survey were discussed, and revealed some key ideas that every real estate agent should keep in mind as we start off the new year.

Beautiful new kitchen with lots of lighting, new appliances and all energy efficient!
Checking off all the boxes, this well-lit, energy efficient brand-new kitchen is exactly what buyers want!


Real estate trends: sustainability is important

Environmentally-friendly choices are increasingly popular these days, especially if they can help save the homeowner some money in the process. In fact, long-term cost effectiveness was the most frequently cited reason (74%) for incorporating more sustainable options, such as LED light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances and windows, and water-efficient fixtures. Also noteworthy is that more than half of homeowners responded that they wanted to make environmentally-friendly choices when renovating their kitchens.

One bright real estate Trend: better lighting

From an ease of implementation standpoint, this option is very popular. In fact, 65% of respondents cited LED bulbs as a must for their kitchen renovation. Energy-efficient lighting is not only good for your eyesight, but also for your pocketbook. By using less power these bulbs will not only cut down on your power bill, but will last longer in between replacements as well.

Kitchen makeover must: energy-efficient appliances

Energy-efficient appliances have been a popular choice for a while now, which explains why 61% of respondents surveyed cited this as their sustainability choice. Newer models not only save on energy (and operating costs), but they’re also more efficient than older appliance models. Introduce the concept of smart appliances, and sustainability levels can be taken to the next level with a host of additional options that allow the homeowner to better track food freshness, optimize detergent use, and receive convenient notifications on their smartphones and tablets when action needs to be taken.

Real estate trends: saving on your water and heating bills

Overall consumption is very important to today’s buyers, and water-efficient faucets and energy-efficient windows are two ways that will help you cut your monthly costs. More than half of respondents cited water-efficient faucets not only as a means of saving money, but also wanting to reduce germ spread. For windows, privacy is also a concern, particularly if you’re located on a busy street where passersby might be able to see into your living space more easily. In addition to better being able to regulate cooling and heating in the home, being comfortable knowing you aren’t being watched is also of importance to kitchen renovators (especially given that so much time is typically spent in the kitchen socializing and entertaining in addition to cooking).

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