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2022 Siding Trend

2022 Siding Trend

The New Year is here and if you are thinking about giving your home an uplift or just completely renovating, we want to help inspire you. 2022 siding trends are already predicted and in our opinion they are great. Natural colors are taking over, they are simple, cozy, and go with everything. Keep scrolling to see what colors are taking over 2022 siding trends.


White: The biggest 2022 Siding Trend

White; a classic color. White has become extremely popular in 2021 and the trend is not stopping 2022, if anything it is taking over. White is a color that goes with everything. It gives you the freedom to choose any roof coloring or allows you to spice up your house with a colorfully door or windows. It is mostly popular in modern farmhouses.


Yellow: The Brightest 

What feeling do you associate yellow with? For us it’s happy.  Yellow is predicted to be a popular 2022 siding trend because people want to make their home cheery. Yellow is an eye-catching color; people love it because they believe it brightens up their day. The popular tones of yellow currently are almond (a soft creamy yellow) and golden honey (a vivid burst).

Green: Natural but unique 2022 siding trend 

2022 siding trend is green. It’s natural, cozy, and unique. Top tone of green that is being requested is sage. Sage is popular because of its soft gray undertones, allowing it to match with white or dark wood. It makes a standpoint but isn’t overwhelming. Sage is a calming and natural color which is what 2022 trends are all about.



Gray will never go out of style. It’s like white, classic and a safe color to choose as a siding color. Whether you choose dark or light gray it’s tones will complement a variety of color palettes. It also goes well with a traditional architectural style.



Brown tones are going to be popular this year. From tan to Cabot brown, this color family presents a natural and comforting vibe which is exactly what people want their homes to feel like. This color works well with natural materials allowing to create the perfect refresh to your home’s exterior.


And last but certainly just as important as all the 2022 siding trends is blue. Blue shades have been poplar for a couple years now. From soothing hues to vibrant bold hues, you are likely to see blue siding in your neighborhood. The popular color for 2022 is Urban Blue, it presents an elegant look while having an eye-catching appeal.

A picture of a green house with 2022 siding trends over it.

Photo and information from: Kaycan

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